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Why Reduce the Risk with De-Wipe?
See What Our Customers Think

"I've been using the De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash for a while now and offering it to other individuals who have been wearing BA in live fire. The response has been very positive, especially with longer hair. The smell of contaminants stays in my hair for days afterwards often making pillow cases smell too. This hasn't been the case since using the De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash."

Other feedback has been the following: "I found it really effective and the result was a lot better than normal shampoo."

"Thank you for giving me some of the De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash to try after our hot wear the other day. It worked extremely well! Usually, the smell of smoke would linger in my hair for a good few day's and it would take 2-3 washes to get rid of it completely but after one use of the De-Wipe shampoo the smell was completely gone and my hair felt instantly clean. It’s definitely the most effective product I have used so far!"

"There is definitely a difference using De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash in comparison to normal shower gel. I can't smell the contaminants on me afterwards."
Natalie Mortimer
Watch Manager at Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service
"We decided to purchase De-Wipe following evaluations and trials and found the wipe provided excellent removal of pollutants. Knowing that this is the only company in the UK with scientific results also gave us confidence to purchase. The 100% biodegradability keeps us as a service cleaner and greener!

As a service, we opted for the X-Large wipe as following trials, we decided that you can wipe down the risk with just one wipe."
Chris Ball
Head of Governance and Asset Management at Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service
"Pricing was very competitive and the product was available in the quantities we required.

It was important to have a supplier that was trusted and could provide stock when required. To meet our requirements our Doctor in Occupational Health along with our Health Safety department required evidential documentation to comply with certain elements which were readily available.”
Andy Clifford
Watch Manager & Operational Risk Management at South Wales Fire & Rescue Service
“MFRS have been using De-wipe for a number of months now and feedback is positive. With increasing knowledge of firefighter safety regarding contaminants, it is vital that firefighters are able to sufficiently remove the products of combustion at their earliest opportunity.

The De-Wipe is perfect for this task; large, moist, and strong. 1 wipe is generally sufficient to clean face, neck and hands. They don’t leave any residue behind and have a fresh scent.”
Ruth Baller-Wilson
Watch Manager at Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service
The equipment wipes were used for cleaning equipment and vehicle controls between crew shifts, and as part of our overall control measures. I can now say that we successfully concluded the season without a single crew member becoming unwell.
Greg Harper
Watch Commander at Airfield Volunteer Fire Service
Feedback on the After Fire Hair & Body Wash:
"Instructors seem to really like it due to the fact it removes the dirt but also the smell [of smoke] which is a pain normally."
"Didn’t dry my skin out, so that’s a plus."
"Really effective and better than standard purchased shower gel."
Tactical Firefighting Department Instructors
Training and Development Academy at Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service
“As a responsible employer dedicated to ensuring Firefighter safety, Manchester Airport Rescue & Firefighting Service sourced and procured De-wipe to support the ongoing safety of our personnel.

The product has been used during training and real incidents and has proven excellent in removing contaminants and especially the high risk skin areas potentially exposed to harmful substances.
The wipes come in different sizes and quantities which gives us flexibility for storage and use, the delivery and explanation of design was excellent, they clean really well and leave a fresh scent after use.”

The De-Wipe is perfect for this task; large, moist, and strong. 1 wipe is generally sufficient to clean face, neck and hands. They don’t leave any residue behind and have a fresh scent.”
Simon Woodward
Head of Emergency Services & Airfield Security at Manchester Airport
“Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service have been using De-Wipe decontamination wipes for some time and have found that the product meets the need of providing a good response for firefighters in the initial stages of decontamination. The wipes are robust, large and provide a good method of removing surface contaminants from the skin whilst at the same time being soft enough not to cause irritation.

As part of Cheshire's ongoing commitment to Firefighter safety, decontamination is at the forefront of the welfare of operational firefighters and whilst thorough washing is key post fire, De-Wipe decontamination wipes are providing an initial resource in conjunction with other measures to remove the majority of contaminant at the scene. We look forward to a continuing partnership.”
Graham Thomas
Station Manager at Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service
"We have found this product to be exactly what we needed to carry on the appliance with us.

It gives us the ability to remove contaminants from not only the equipment but also ourselves instead of having to wait until we return to the station to get cleaned up."
Tom Smith
Senior Fire Officer at Qinetiq
“Removing as much contamination post fire is essential as a Fire Behaviour Instructor.

I have found that De-Wipe is the most effective biodegradable wipe available on the market by far”
Si Williams
International Fire Behaviour Instructor
"We love De-Wipes. They're perfect for us as fire investigators. We spend a lot of time in post-fire scenes and we get very dirty. These wipes clean us down completely without leaving us feeling soapy or stripped. They're so good I have trouble keeping hold of them at scenes. They smell lovely too."
Emma Wilson
Fire Investigator at Prometheus Forensic Services