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Eliminate Harmful Diesel Pollutants

Wipe it Off, Don't Take it Home

Diesel Pollutants Absorb through Skin

Pollutants in diesel and oil contain harmful cancer-causing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) that absorb through skin.

Everyday Alcohol Wipes are Ineffective

The pollutants in diesel are like oil, whereas alcohol is like water. Using alcohol based solutions is like washing vegetable oil off your hands with just water - it doesn't work.

De-Wipe Proven to Remove pollutants

De-Wipe decontamination wipes are scientifically proven to remove carcinogenic pollutants found in oil and diesel from skin.

Why not just use a regular wipe?

Regular alcohol based wipes might be good for killing germs and bacteria, but they won’t remove the carcinogenic pollutants found in diesel fumes, exhausts and oil that absorb through the skin. In fact, alcohol opens up skin pores, leading to greater risk of absorption. 

Designed to be used as part of your decontamination procedure, De-Wipe decontamination wipes are the industry-leading solution to eliminate pollutants from skin. Dermatologically tested and safe to use on hands, face, neck, ears and arms ASAP after exposure. 

Firefighter in Shower Using After Fire Hair and Body Wash

Wash Away Pollutants with
De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash

Harnessing the same cancer-fighting power as our scientifically proven decontamination wipes, De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash is the only scientific solution formulated to wash carcinogenic pollutants in your hair, scalp and body, leaving you clean, invigorated and odour-free.

De-Wipe Dermatologically Tested
Rated Excellent
in Dermatological Test
Our decontamination wipes have been proven to cause
no unwanted skin reactions in clinical dermatological test.
How to Use

In this video, we show you a simple step by step process to completely remove harmful pollutants from skin after exposure with De-Wipe decontamination wipes.

De-Wipe is scientifically proven to remove pollutants from skin - why take the risk?

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