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How to Safely and Effectively Decontaminate Using De-Wipe

An Essential Step by Step Guide to Ensure Complete Removal of Toxins from Skin

Step One - Start with a new wipe

From the forehead, proceed to wipe all areas of skin on the face. Wipe until you reach your chin. Remember: pay attention to the hidden areas on your eyelids, around the nose and your nostrils.

how to use De-Wipe - Step 1

Step Two - Wipe your neck

Thoroughly wipe your neck area making sure to cover from the front, right round to the back.

how to use De-Wipe - Step 2

Step Three - Move onto your ears

Continue to wipe your skin clean by moving onto your ears. Wipe the inner part, round the out part paying special attention to wipe inside the folds before a final wipe around the back of your ear lobe. 

how to use De-Wipe - Step 3

Step Four - Wipe your head

Start to wipe your entire head, from front to back. Wipe all over any hair and then wipe across from side to side.

how to use De-Wipe - Step 4

Step Five - Arms, Hands and Fingers

Proceed to thoroughly wipe down your arms, then your hands and then around every finger. Pay close attention to ensure every finger nail is wiped clean.

how to use De-Wipe - Step 5

Step Six - Completing the Decon Wipe Process

Wipe under your arms and then around your body before the final stage – blowing your nose clear.

how to use De-Wipe - Step 6
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