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De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash

Proven to Remove Pollutants & Grease from Diesel, Exhaust Fumes & Oil

Why Wash With Specially Formulated Hair & Body Wash?

Diesel Pollutants Absorb through Skin

Pollutants in diesel and oil contain harmful cancer-causing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) that absorb through skin.

Everyday Shampoo is Ineffective

The pollutants in diesel and oil cling to hair after exposure. Washing these toxins off ASAP is the optimum solution to reduce the risk of occupational disease & cancer.

De-Wipe Proven to Remove pollutants

De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash is scientifically proven to remove carcinogenic pollutants found in oil and diesel from hair, scalp & skin.

De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash is available in 4 litre bottles, is cruelty free and designed for every hair and skin type. We also supply a convenient dispenser.

Hair & Body Wash Bottle Product Image

Hair & Body Wash 4 Litre Bottle

Hair & Body Wash Dispenser Product Image

Hair & Body Wash Dispenser

De-Wipe Hair & body Wash Samples
Try for yourself - get a free sample of De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash
De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash is Scientifically Proven to Eliminate Pollutants.

Read the positive results of our scientific study now.