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Introducing De-Wipe Australasia: A Revolutionary Approach to on Scene Decontamination

Australia Welcomes the Arrival of De Wipe, Redefining Decontamination Cleaning Standards Nationwide. De Wipe, a groundbreaking ‘scientifically proven’ decontamination solution provider, is thrilled to announce its arrival in Australia, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s pursuit of elevated cleanliness standards. With its innovative technology and commitment to sustainability, De Wipe promises to transform the … Read more

The profession is now officially cancer causing…


Although post fire contaminants with a proven link to firefighter cancer are minute in size, measured in micrometres, the recent declaration by The World Health Organisation (WHO) that the profession is now officially cancer causing is (in stark contrast) vast, in terms of the impact it will have on our industry. On July 1st, 2022, … Read more