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Introducing: De-Wipe’s Airside Operations Decontamination Kit Bag

With recent research identifying the increased risk of cancer amongst workers, all industries must consider the potential risk of contamination. At De-Wipe, we understand these risks. We work with a number of airport sectors such as ground handling, aviation maintenance and refuelling companies- all wanting to keep their workforce safe.

But what affects the safety of airside personnel? Recent research has shown that airside personnel who are involved with or are in the proximity of a fuelling aircraft are susceptible to cancer causing toxins and carcinogens. These harmful toxins and carcinogens can enter the body through inhalation and can even be absorbed through the skin. If you work in airside operations and are an emergency responder, baggage handler, refueller, or even an engineer, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our Brand New Airside Operations Decontamination Kit Bag

Our bag fits all sizes of De-Wipes and can even be used for your own PPE (e.g. Masks, Gloves, etc.). Priced at only £45, De-Wipe’s airside operations decontamination kit bag is the perfect solution to help you protect your organisation, workers, and their family members from harmful pollutants found in the workplace: for a convenient price.

Differing from regular alcohol based wipes, De-Wipes fully remove carcinogenic pollutants that absorb through the skin and are the industry-leading solution to eliminate pollutants from the skin; reducing the risk of occupational disease and cancer.

Our product range helps to fight contaminants, instantly cleanses, is scientifically formulated and proven, and is eco-friendly & cruelty free. Our wipes are also the only 100% biodegradable decontamination wipe. To better protect yourself and your workers against contamination, using our airside operations decontamination kit bag is certainly a step in the right direction.

Reduce the risk of contamination. Don’t take it home.

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De-Wipe is Scientifically Proven to Remove the Most Harmful Chlorinated Dioxins & PAHs Produced in Fire

Read the positive results of our scientific study confirming De-Wipe as the only scientifically proven UK manufactured eco-friendly after fire decon wipe.

De-Wipe After Fire Decontamination Wipe is Scientifically Tested in Controlled Laboratory

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