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De-Wipe Hair and Body Wash Scientifically Proven to Remove Contaminants

– The Latest Video from the Lab

De-Wipe are proud to unveil our latest video detailing the positive results of our scientific study into the effectiveness of our Hair and Body Wash at removing harmful contaminants from hair and skin. We are extremely excited as our results show that De-Wipe Hair and Body Wash is effective at removing contaminants from hair and skin.


In the below video shot in the laboratory at the World-leading Ecology & Environment Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University, we demonstrate the scientific processes behind testing the effectiveness of our Hair and Body Wash at removing contaminants.

Why is this study important for workers exposed to contaminants?

The reason this study is important is because people who are working in occupations such as mechanical engineering, firefighting or steelworks are exposed to contaminants known as persistent organic pollutants. These pollutants are deposited on their hair, their skin and their clothing with no previous way available to remove them.


Persistent organic pollutants are extremely toxic with potential to cause severe adverse health effects, such as occupational cancer, immunosuppression and reduced fertility – amongst others. They are highly persistent in the working environment in which they are created. This means that they don’t degrade over time and as such their concentration accumulates in a person’s body as well as in the locations they are working in.


Washing these toxins from your hair and body as soon as possible after exposure is the optimum solution to reduce the risk of contracting aforementioned adverse health effects.


Everyday shampoo and shower gels are designed to leave you feeling clean and fresh. However – similar to using baby wipes instead of after fire wipes – its well-established that harmful contaminants cannot be removed using standard products; they cling onto hair and skin so as you’re only appearing to be clean.


The video above describes how our Hair and Body Wash compares to using just water and to ordinary shampoo. What we’ve found is that using ordinary shampoo or shower gels to wash away toxins, or simply using water on its own, is not effective whatsoever.


At De-Wipe, we don’t sell to you without guarantees that all our decontamination products are scientifically tested.


De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash is designed for every hair and skin type. It is available in recyclable 4 litre bottles and is cruelty-free – we also supply a convenient dispenser. Head to the De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash webpage to learn more and to get a free sample.

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De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash is Scientifically Proven to Eliminate Pollutants.

Read the positive results of our scientific study now.