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De-Wipe Declared Safe for All Skin Types in Dermatological Test Results

De-Wipe are delighted to report the positive results of a dermatological test in which our decontamination wipes have been proven to cause no unwanted skin reactions. Amongst the study’s 30 participants there was zero instances of allergic reactions, nor were any signs of irritation reported. These positive results confirm De-Wipe decontamination wipes as safe to use on all skin types.

What does dermatologically tested mean?

Dermatologically tested means that a professional dermatologist has investigated how human skin reacts to a particular product and its ingredients. For De-Wipe, this means we tested our wipe on human skin within a clinical setting to detect skin irritation potential and/or allergic sensitisation.


The test’s participants were made up of 30 healthy adults, both male and female. Among the participants was a range of skin types, such as: dry, oily, sensitive, mixed and normal. De-Wipe’s cancer-fighting formula is applied to the participant’s skin via a patch which is removed and checked at 24, 48 and 72 hours.

Conclusion: No Evidence of Negative Skin Reaction Detected

The positive test results showed no evidence of any skin disorder whatsoever; each of the 30 participants passed without even a minor irritation. As a result, De-Wipe has been declared dermatologically ‘excellent’. The test was conducted according to internationally recognised guidelines of ICDRG (International Contact Dermatitis Research Group).


In conclusion – using De-Wipe to remove harmful toxins from skin will not cause any unwanted skin reactions or irritations, no matter your skin type.

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