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Better After Fire: De-Wipe Announce Official Partnership with Bullard Europe

We are incredibly proud to announce our official partnership with Bullard Europe to reduce the risk of occupational cancer & illness in fire services in Germany and across Europe.

Bullard are a leading manufacturer of high quality personal protective equipment. They supply fire and rescue services worldwide with high quality thermal imaging cameras, hard hats, fire and rescue helmets, and respiratory protection products.

Clearly, we both share the same innovative spirit. Their partnership will improve the long-term health of firefighters in Germany, across Europe and the rest of the World by delivering a more readily available supply of scientifically proven after fire decontamination wipes. Plus, De-Wipe and Bullard Europe joining forces will provide a vital boost towards educating firefighters of the everyday dangers they face from exposure to carcinogenic toxins.

Below is an excerpt from Bullard Europe’s press release:

“Fire ground operations can quickly get under your skin, literally: Did you know that our skin absorbs around 400 percent more pollutants with every 5°C rise in temperature?

Firefighters are exposed to unique health risks both during and after a call. The sooner you minimize these risks, the better. Ideally, you should not only clean and decontaminate your PPE and other gear immediately, but also your face, neck, hands and other skin areas on which bacteria and carcinogens, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), can settle.

With our easy-to-clean helmets, we have long been setting an example for improved hygiene. Just in time for World Cancer Day on February 4, we present the new 100 % biodegradable “Better After Fire Wipe”. This large 30 x 20 cm wipe, designed specifically for firefighters, can help to reduce:

  • 17 of the most toxic Chlorinated Dioxins
  • 8 of the most toxic PAHs
  • More than 91 percent of benzo(a)pyrenes

You can reduce contamination directly on-scene – gently and without drying out your skin. The effectiveness of the “Better After Fire Wipe” for first responders has been scientifically tested and proven.”

De-Wipe is Scientifically Proven to Remove the Most Harmful Chlorinated Dioxins & PAHs Produced in Fire

Read the positive results of our scientific study confirming De-Wipe as the only scientifically proven UK manufactured eco-friendly after fire decon wipe.

De-Wipe After Fire Decontamination Wipe is Scientifically Tested in Controlled Laboratory