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Eliminate Risk of Pathogen Infection with New De-Wipe Alcohol Free Sanitiser Wipes

De-Wipe is thrilled to launch our latest scientifically proven innovation: Alcohol Free Sanitiser Wipes – for reducing the risk of infection from germs and bacteria in all industries, including those working in the emergency services, first responders and healthcare workers.

Are Alcohol Free Wipes Antibacterial?

The alcohol commonly found in other sanitiser wipes – such as ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol – destroys your skin’s protective surface, leaving skin vulnerable to greater exposure of harmful pathogens. These wipes’ effectiveness in disinfecting heavily contaminated surfaces is limited by the fact alcohol evaporates rapidly. For thorough disinfection of harmful pathogens from surfaces, this is far from ideal.


Containing non-alcohol based broad-range antimicrobials, De-Wipe’s Alcohol Free Sanitiser Wipes kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria whilst being kind to the skin’s natural defences. Wipes with zero alcohol will not deteriorate hard surfaces or expensive equipment either.

Can Alcohol Free Sanitiser Wipes Still Be Antiviral Wipes?

The ability of our Sanitiser Wipes to kill germs and bacteria from skin and surfaces is just one aspect of successfully controlling infection risk. The risk of infection from viruses for emergency services and healthcare workers must be considered. For this reason, we ensured De-Wipe’s Alcohol Free Sanitiser Wipes are antiviral and antiseptic by testing to British and European standards BS EN 14476 and BS EN 1276. 


Thanks to the wipes’ antiviral ingredients, they’re able to kill all enveloped viruses on contact, including influenza and coronavirus. The wipe is also effective at boosting overall hygiene through it’s capability at killing common colds and flu. In fact, they’re more effective when compared to alcohol wipes – especially when cleaning surfaces – due to their slower evaporation rate. Obviously, they’re safer for your skin and equipment too.

Reducing the Risk of Infection from Bloodborne and Waterborne Pathogens

Bloodborne and waterborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms found in liquids – blood and bodily fluids for bloodborne, water for waterborne – and they can cause disease in humans. There is extensive potential for occupational exposure to both sets of pathogens in both indoor and outdoor settings. According to guidelines published by the UK Health and Safety Executive, no assumptions should ever be made about the safety of a surface contaminated with bodily fluid due to harmful pathogens surviving for a time in dried blood.


Key workers in emergency services and healthcare require a solution to maintain high levels of hygiene that minimises the risk of infection – especially in those roles where soap and water isn’t always present. The successful results of De-Wipe’s scientific study into the effectiveness of their Alcohol Free Sanitiser Wipes proves a significant ability to kill bacteria E. coli and K. pneumoniae, two of the most widespread pathogens. As with De-Wipe’s industry leading after fire decontamination wipes, the study was conducted in collaboration with World leading toxicology professors at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Alcohol Free Sanitiser Wipes - Safe and Effective

Testing the viability of bacteria contained in the wipes after use was a priority for us, given the demand from our customers for safe disposal. We are proud to report that the wipes do not harbour detectible bacteria after use, thereby confirming harmful pathogens are effectively killed on contact.


Forty wipes are contained in handy resealable tubs that fit into any standard cup holder. And consistent with De-Wipe’s green philosophy, the wipes are eco-friendly 100% biodegradable and certified cruelty-free.

Alcohol Free Sanitiser Wipes

Scientifically proven to reduce the risk of infection in all industries.

Firefighter Using De-Wipe Alcohol Free Sanitiser Wipes on Face
De-Wipe Alcohol Free Sanitiser Wipes are scientifically proven to eliminate the risk of infection from bacteria, viruses and pathogens - why take the risk?

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