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De-Wipe Delivers Decontamination to Key Workers Across the UK

De-Wipe is thrilled to be protecting the ongoing health of key workers in a range of industries up and down the country throughout the COVID-19 health crisis.

A discussion with a worried taxi driver in a black cab in London a couple of weeks before the UK lockdown got us thinking – hang-on, if NHS guidance is to regularly wash hands with soap and water in order to contain the spread of coronavirus, then what about those who don’t have regular access to soap and water, such as our worried taxi driver? Panic buying then led to a shortage of anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser which only added to the concern. No soap, no water and no wipes or sanitiser – what now? The issue doesn’t stop with taxi drivers either – key workers in essential industries such as haulage, transportation and delivery face the same problem.

Here’s how De-Wipe helps: De-Wipe is not a cure for COVID-19; however, our wipes contain ingredients with anti-viral properties in addition to ‘soap-like’ chemicals known as ‘surfactants’. These ‘soap-like’ surfactants disturb a virus’ outer structure which helps against the virus spreading. This enables our wipes to support key workers in staying as healthy as possible whilst doing their job by being an important source of contamination control and general hygiene where soap and water aren’t available.

Industries De-Wipe is proud to be supporting with decontamination wipes for its key workers in the field:

  • Haulage companies whose drivers are delivering food and essential household supplies to supermarkets.
  • Ferries who are providing a critical service for supporting the haulage industry on the import and export of goods.
  • Freight rail services who are transporting essential cargo up and down the UK.
  • Taxi drivers throughout the UK are using De-Wipe to ensure they are offering one of the most hygienic modes of transport – especially in heavily populated areas – when compared to crowded buses or trains.
  • Masterbatch manufacturing plants are removing hazardous carbon black from skin.
  • Utilities and construction services whose contractors are undertaking extremely important work including maintaining the UK Critical National Infrastructure.

In doing what we can to safeguard key workers, we aim to support the NHS, local communities, vulnerable people, homes and businesses through these testing times.

Read more about the work De-Wipe is doing to support key workers in the utilities industry at International Fire Fighter magazine:

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