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Supporting Vital Utilities & Construction Services Through Testing Times

De-Wipe is thrilled to be protecting the ongoing health of staff and contractors at some of the UK’s largest utilities companies throughout the COVID-19 health crisis.

De-Wipe is not a cure for COVID-19; however, our wipes contain ingredients with anti-viral properties in addition to ‘soap-like’ chemicals known as ‘surfactants’. Surfactants disturb a virus’ structure which helps against the virus spreading.

Public Health England guidance suggested via the NHS is to wash hands with soap and water in order to contain the spread of the virus. De-Wipe has been able to help companies with workers who don’t always have access to soap and water. Our wipes contain a mixture of solvents, soaps and water together with other active anti-viral ingredients that enable them to be used as a source of contamination control and general hygiene where soap and water aren’t available.

With key workers from Cumbria all the way down to Worcestershire, Virgin Media is amongst the largest utilities companies in the country. Their contractors won’t always have access to warm soap and water on site. The essential utilities service their workers carry out maintains the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and is vital for the continuation of daily life and the economy. It is needed for people locked down in isolation and for businesses implementing continuity plans. The CNI keeps goods, key workers and emergency services moving whilst preventing critical deliveries from grinding to a halt.

Key workers can take advantage of De-Wipe’s ability to reduce the risk of contaminants on surfaces too. O’Connor Utilities Ltd. have been using De-Wipe to keep their machinery and equipment as clean and hygienic as possible.

The UK’s leading equipment hire company – GAP Hire Solutions – is also utilising De-Wipe’s proven ability to reduce the risk of contaminants on surfaces. Their key workers are being encouraged to wipe all machinery and equipment – from tools and tankers to dump trucks and diggers.

Construction equipment and machinery that is as clean and safe as possible for its workers is paramount in this current coronavirus crisis the UK is experiencing. But even once the virus has been defeated, the Government’s Health and Safety Executive states that employers have a legal duty to carry out risk assessments on all work activities and potentially hazardous substances and put reasonable measures in place to protect employees. By instilling a culture of decontamination, employers in the utilities and construction industry are taking proper precautions that’ll protect the long-term health of their employees.    

In doing what we can to safeguard utility services and maintain infrastructure, we aim to support the NHS, local communities, vulnerable people, homes and businesses.

Read more about the work De-Wipe is doing to support key workers in the utilities industry at International Fire Fighter magazine:

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